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The Clearance Zone offer a wide selection of appliances in store. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products and the speed of which the items come and go, we cannot upload our appliances online. In store we have a wide range of refrigeration appliances, laundry appliances and soon cookers. We promise to beat the price major retailers on all our appliances. All our appliances are Graded which means we can generally beat high street retailer prices by at least 20%!


What is Graded?

All our appliances are classed as Graded, this means they are not considered ‘Brand New’ products, however they are still new products and are unused. A product can become classed as Graded in several ways. Most large retailers offer 30-day return policies and are obliged to take back any items damaged through delivery networks. Reasons for returns may be anything from an unwanted gift, a change of mind from the customer, the wrong colour of an item and in most cases slight cosmetic damage. Once the product has been opened from its original packaging, the sellers are no longer able to resell the item as brand new, so these products are sold on. 


This is where we come in!

Whilst our appliances are Graded, sometimes they are a brand-new item in fantastic condition, simply returned as unwanted and picked up by ourselves for resale. This means that we can bring you a top quality product at a great price, saving you a huge amount of money in the process! In some cases there are some level of cosmetic damage but this will be reflected in the price, most of the time in none facing areas!


Here's an example of a slightly damaged graded product, as you can see from the below picture this product looks absolutely perfect. However it is graded......


Here's the damage...... As you can see this particular item has a minor mark to the left side. Due to the item having this mark you will save 30% from the lowest retail price around. 



We sell all of our appliances with a 6 month warranty meaning if there are any mechanical faults with our appliances we will repair, refund or replace the item. All appliances are technically tested and quality tested before they go on sale. Our guarantee on all our products demonstrates our confidence in each product we sell. If you're looking for a bargain this is definitely the way to shop!

For further information on our appliances or availability please get in touch or come in store.

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